• A journal of undergraduate research on the city of Chicago, highlighting the best urban scholarship across the College each academic year

The "Chicago Studies" Annual

The Chicago region has long been an academic laboratory for faculty and students at the University of Chicago. The Chicago Studies Annual showcases the very best academic work about the city produced by our students each year in their research seminars and BA thesis colloquia. Print volumes currently exist for 2008-2012, and are in process for 2013-2015. Digital versions, starting with 2012 and 2013 (below), will soon be available on this site.

Students interested in submitting their research to the 2016 volume of Chicago Studies should contact Daniel Koehler, Assistant Dean in the College via dkoehler@uchicago.edu.

In the 2012 volume, below, our students use the region as a laboratory to understand the history of student life, police accountability, gentrification, and the changing landscape of neighborhood political campaigns. In the 2013 volume, also below, our students consider kinship structures among homeless LGBT youth, address the need for trauma care in northern Ilinois, and consider urban planning priorities in Chicago's rebuilding after the Great Chicago Fire.