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CSQ Week 2 was an exciting look at those spaces and stories that surround the University of Chicago. Students had the opportunity to attend a professional academic conference focused on the life and work of poet Gwendolyn Brooks. The conference was further unique in that it featured CSQ Professor, Dr. Adrienne Brown and her work with Brooks' poetry and the space she occupied. After the conference our CSQ cohort joined Dr. Adam Green in a walk around Woodlawn neighborhood. Dr. Green lead students to the famous first Presbyterian Church of Woodlawn which once housed community gathering and was a site for civil resistance during the fight for civil rights in the 1960s. On the way, Dr. Green paused here and there to reflect on the ways the neighborhood has changed, thinking specifically about how density and time has transformed the city Gwendolyn Brooks wrote about into the city we know today. Finally, Dr. Green and our CSQ cohort ended their outing at the historic Daley's restaurant to enjoy homestyle classics and discuss everything they have seen and learned so far. 

Week 3 CSQ will make it's way to City Hall with Dr. Green!

April 11, 2017