Certificate Program Enrollment Questionnaire

Please answer as many questions as possible. Although the long-form responses are optional, any information you can provide at this time will help guide your initial advising conversation. Upon submission of this form, you will receive an email inviting you to schedule this initial advising appointment.

The Chicago Studies Certificate Program aims to help students integrate their academic study with community-based experiences for the sake of positive impact on Chicago and its communities. In most cases, this will eventually require you to focus your study and engagement around one or more central themes (public problems, social issues, development priorities, etc.). If you already have one or more such issues that interest or concern you, please indicate them here.
In order to maximize positive impact and help insure community benefit, the Chicago Studies Certificate Program will encourage you to develop relationships with on- and off-campus partners with whom you share common interests, commitments, and concerns, and with whom you can collaborate on your engagement and/or capstone project. These may include University offices/programs (e.g. Institute of Politics, Neighborhood Schools Program), student organizations (e.g. Block 58, Peer Health Exchange), and/or off-campus organizations (e.g. Heartland Alliance, South Side Weekly, City of Chicago Department of Public Health). Please indicate any such relationships you have already developed that could potentially inform or shape your inquiry and impact in Chicago.