For she is never the Chicago you saw
    When you passed through the last time."
    ― Mark Twain

Chicago Studies College Course Cluster

Every quarter, instructors from around the University offer students the chance to learn more about the great metropolis in which it is located. Chicago Studies aims to highlight these interdisciplinary courses and direct interested students to them. Pursuing a Chicago-focused Course Cluster, three or more courses exploring a common theme pertaining to the city, is one component of completing the Chicago Studies Certificate. Students and instructors in these courses, both current and future, can add their classes to this listing by contacting Atiya Singh via atiya@uchicago.edu.

Students interested in a more immersive, interdisciplinary experience of studying Chicago should consider applying to the Chicago Studies Quarter, offered annually in the Spring.


ARTH 17410—Frank Lloyd Wright in Chicago and Beyond (Katherine Fischer Taylor)
ARTH 24190—Imagining Chicago's Common Buildings (Luke Joyner)
CRES 21201—Chicago Blues (Michael Dietler)
ENST 21500—Environmental Justice (Ray Lodato)
ENST 27155—Urban Design with Nature (Sabina Shaikh and Emily Talen)
PBPL 28501—Process and Policy in State and City Government (Clayton Harris)
SOSC 26000—Chicago Neighborhoods (Emily Talen)
SOSC 26003—Chicago by Design (Emily Talen)
TAPS 20750—The Adventures of Augie March (Nora Titone)
ARTH 17700—19th Century French Art in the Art Institute (Martha Ward)
PBPL 28501—Process and Policy in State and City Government (Clayton Harris)
CRWR 12131—Reading as a Writer: Chicagoans: The City in Short Story, Poem, and Nonfiction Reportage (Garin Cycholl)
SSAD 21000—Race & American Public Schools (Eve L. Ewing)
HMRT 26315—Reimagining Justice: The Chicago Police Torture Cases, Reparations, and Human Rights Practice (Alice Kim)
ECON 22410—UChicago Economics: The People and the Seminal Ideas (Allen Sanderson)
CHDV 27822—Critical Issues in Urban Education (Alex Seeskin)
ARTH 18305—Art in Context: New Art in Chicago Museums (Darby English)
ARTH 2/34170—Research the Chicago Cityscape (Katherine Fischer Taylor)
ENST 22300—South Side Ecologies (Alison Anastasio)
PBPL 28501—Process and Policy in State and City Government (Clayton Harris)
TAPS 24500—Chicago Theater: Budgets and Buildings (Heidi Coleman)
Chicago Studies Quarter—The Right to the Second City: The Immigrant Experience in Chicago
    ENST 27210—Approaches to the Second City: Materials and Methods (Kaitlyn Tucker)
    ENST 27125—Voices of Alterity and the Languages of Immigration (Angelina Ilieva)
    ENST 27330—Spaces of Hope: The City and Its Immigrants (Nada Petkovic)


BIOS 13131—Chicago's Natural History: Where Is It? What Is It? and There It Goes! (Alison Hunter)
PBPL 25405—Child Poverty and Chicago Schools (Chad Broughton)
ARTH 2/34180 Into the City: Art in Chicago from the Fire to Now (M. Taft)
Chicago Studies Quarter—Calumet: The City in a Garden
    ENST 27150—Urban Design with Nature: Assessing Social and Natural Realms in the Calumet Region (Sabina Shaikh and Emily Talen)
    ENST 27221—Sustainable Urbanism (Doug Farr)
    ENST 27325—Urban Ecology in the Calumet Region (Alison Anastasio)
ENST 20540—The Chicago Climate Change & Culture Institute (Dominic Boyer and Cymene Howe)


CRWR 12115—Intro to Genres: The Surveilled City and the Googled Chicago (Garin Cycholl)
HIST 28805—World's Fairs, 1851-1937: Chicago and Paris (Neil Harris)
CMST 21805—Chicago Film Cultures (Jacqueline Stewart)
CRES 27705—Introduction to Black Chicago, 1893 to 2010 (Adam Green)
SOSC 26002—Urban Design Studio (Emily Talen)
Chicago Studies Quarter—Places and Spaces in Chicago
    ENGL 28816—Scenes of Chicago Housing (Adrienne Brown)
    HIST 27708—Life Stories, Sense of Place, & Active Aging in Chicago (Adam Green)
    HIST 20330—Writing Chicago: Practicing Narrative History & Biography (Nora Titone)

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