• Use design thinking to envision and create a vibrant life in Chicago during your years in the College, either alongside or as an integral part of your studies.

About the "Design Your Chicago" Series

New for 2019, the "Design Your Chicago" series offers four stand-alone, sequential opportunities to apply design thinking to your time in the city. Topics include where to start in designing your Chicago experiences and engagement, finding your Chicago way, building up your Chicago values, and planning (and prototyping) your Chicago Odyssey. Each workshop is only 60-90 minutes, and is offered multiple times throughout each quarter to allow you to participate whenever it's most convenient for you.

SCROLL DOWN TO REGISTER! Note that each workshop must be registered for separately (i.e. you can't register for DYC #1-#4 with one click). We will be offering each workshop multiple times throughout the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Questions? Contact Atiya Singh at atiya@uchicago.edu.


Design thinking is a highly collaborative, iterative approach to creating new things that respond to real-world questions and goals. Learn how this approach can be applied throughout your College career to help you create the Chicago experience you’re looking for while a student at UChicago.

One 90-minute session; offered in weeks 2-4


Wayfinding is the ancient art of figuring out where you are going when you don’t actually know your destination. Studying your past experiences can help you clarify your interests and goals here (in Chicago) and now. Discover all the places those interests can take you!

One 60-minute session; offered in weeks 3-5


What are you good at? What do you want to be better at? Your values determine where you spend your time, how you engage, what you achieve, and the legacy you leave behind. Reflecting on them can help you make better decisions, for you and the communities in which you find yourself.

One 60-minute session; offered in weeks 4-6


Odyssey planning starts where you are, then imagines the diversity of places your journey could take you...but it doesn’t stop there! The plan is just the beginning of your experiments in Chicago-ing. Let your curiosity guide you into a future you truly care about, one that meets your goals and gives back to the city, too.

One 90-minute session; offered in weeks 5-7

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