• Carefully curated opportunities to discover, study, and engage the city of Chicago in new ways throughout the academic year, sponsored in partnership with the College and other key on- and off-campus partners

About Chicago Studies Events

Throughout the year, Chicago Studies sponsors opportunities for students to directly engage in the life of Chicago’s diverse communities. Annual events, such as participation in the City’s overnight census of homeless persons in January and attendance with youth-serving community partners at the annual “Louder than a Bomb” poetry slam, foreground diverse voices and experiences that students might not otherwise have been exposed to at the University. Other annual events include Dean Boyer's annual South Side History Bike Tour and leadership/promotion of Jane's Walks Chicago as part of the annual celebration of the birthday of the renowned urbanist Jane Jacobs on the first weekend in May, in partnership with nonprofit partner Friends of Downtown.

Chicago Studies co-sponsors events with a wide range of University and community partners, including UChicago Arts' ArtsPass program, the Office of Civic Engagement, the Office of Sustainability, Spiritual Life, and Student Government, to name just a few. In so doing, we hope to enrich the dialogue (and academic rigor) that can arise from these encounters with the richness of Chicago.

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