• A curricular opportunity for a small cohort of undergraduate students to immerse themselves in academic, experiential, interdisciplinary study of Chicago, taught by a unique team of instructors to provide a singular place-based learning experience during the Spring Quarter

Chicago Studies Quarter

The Chicago Studies Quarter, developed with UCSC, the Office of Civic Engagement, and the Program on the Global Environemt, offers a cohesive set of courses that join classroom instruction with experiential learning opportunities, engaging students in the diverse communities that make up this city. The program is open to 20 undergraduates chosen through a competitive application process. Selected students will engage in locally-rooted courses and co-curricular programming that familiarizes them with folkways and civic codes that distinguish Chicago as an exemplary world city. The Chicago Studies Quarter mirrors the University's various Study Abroad programs, especially those based in cities, that advocate civic literacy, contact, acculturation, and excursion as companion dimensions of learning, alongside disciplinary training. Additionally the Chicago Studies Quarter presumes that Chicago, like all major world cities, presents an unfamiliar and challenging environment for those not native to it – an environment, nonetheless, that can be effectively negotiated through engaged inquiry and a conscientious approach to residence.

Students will immerse themselves in Chicago through three classes, taught by distinguished instructors from a range of disciplines, all deeply versed in aspects of the life and history of the city's diverse communities. Like Study Abroad courses, these classes utilize excursions, guest speakers, and engagement with stakeholder groups and leaders to enrich class readings and assignments. Fridays, the cohort participates in a program of trips to key sites in the city, including restaurants, cultural centers, churches and advocacy institutions,

Video Testimonials from Quarter Participants