• Creating spaces for College students to engage in faculty-led transdisciplinary urban research, in collaboration with community-engaged faculty, graduate students, professional academics, and external experts

About Chicago Studies Research Grants

Chicago Studies, in collaboration with the College Center for Research & Fellowships and a generous grant from the Curriculum Innovation Fund, is pleased to make resources available to faculty who wish to create new research opportunities for undergraduates. In so doing, we hope to create new spaces for collaboration, exchange, and critique between faculty whose research interests focus on Chicago or urban issues and other Chicago-focused researchers. These may include not only College students, but also other faculty, graduate students, University Staff, community partners and UChicago alumni.

Chicago Studies research grants are meant to seed and resource projects that are faculty-led and collaborative, that map onto the ongoing research interests of the faculty sponsor(s). Faculty members should be prepared to provide robust mentorship for undergraduate researchers, who in turn should be prepared to function as junior partners in the larger project. Such partnerships will require distinct job profiles or tasks for the students involved.

Grants are available to support a variety of research models to which undergraduates contribute:

  • Funding to hire individual undergraduate research assistants;
  • Support for the creation or maintenance of a research cluster, understood as a faculty-led research group organized around a topic of common concern, which engages multiple undergraduates as contributors to the larger work of investigation and analysis. Such research clusters are typically interdisciplinary in nature, and are supervised by more than one faculty member;
  • Sponsorship of training sessions for platforms, methods or applications which undergraduates will utilize for subsequent research assignments. (Examples might include ArcGIS, Oral history/interviewing methods, web Content Management Systems, etc.);
  • Support for undergraduate publication, presentation or conference travel connected to a Chicago-focused, research project.

Funding may be allocated variably depending on the nature of the proposed activity/activities; all funding will be disbursed via the research account of the faculty member who functions as the principal advisor or investigator.

Faculty or students wishing to learn more about this opportunity should contact Chris Skrable, Director of Chicago Studies & Experiential Learning in the College.

This may be the title of your research project or working group, but may also reflect a broader theme of your work if you are forming a research "cluster" to study a topic from multiple disciplinary perspectives.
Which academic field(s) will be considered in or employed by this research?
Please offer a brief (500-word max) summary of the research you intend to conduct, including the ways in which you propose to include undergraduate students in your work and the names and departments/organizations of any collaborators.
Approximately how much money are you requesting for this initiative?