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Faculty Projects

William Rainey Harper, the University of Chicago’s first President, planned: “a university which will adapt itself to urban influence…and which is compelled to meet the demands of an urban environment…”

From John Dewey and Robert Merriam through today, members of the faculty have a deep tradition of engagement with the city. The city has served as a laboratory – as a place to study – but also as place where faculty choose to live and raise their families. Faculty research based on Chicago has shaped city, state, and national policy.

Faculty connect students with Chicago – through teaching, through advising research projects, and by encouraging community exploration and involvement with local organizations.

Faculty: Join Chicago Studies!

  • List courses with significant Chicago-related content
  • Chicago Course Connections: Organize field trips or invite guest speakers to enrich your courses with support from the Chicago Studies Program – email to find out more
  • Recommend resources: books, articles, websites, media, organizations – to be shared with students
  • Advise Student Projects: Chicago-related BA theses that you can recommend for publication in the Chicago Studies Journal
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Urban Teacher Education Program

The mission of Chicago UTEP is to prepare reflective, urban public school teachers who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to instruct and inspire all their students to reach their academic and personal potentials, always with appropriate regard for their students’ social, cultural, and economic circumstances. We expect Chicago UTEP graduates to grow into leaders who guide professional and social change.

This selective two-year program prepares students to become successful teachers-and eventually teacher leaders-in urban elementary schools, with a particular emphasis on Chicago Public Schools. UTEP recruits and prepares individuals who have a commitment to social justice and a specific interest in teaching in challenging urban elementary schools. Students completing the program receive a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree and an Illinois Teaching Certificate for elementary grades (K-9). Candidates are recruited from both within and outside of the University of Chicago.

For more information on UTEP visit their website or call 773/834-1837.

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Graham School

The Graham School of General Studies (Continuing Education) offers a wide range of non-credit adult education courses on Chicago.

Know Your Chicago is an annual fall lecture and tour series designed to promote civic awareness and participation. The series begins with a day-long symposium featuring speakers addressing the underlying issues related to the year’s choice of five tours.

Each tour provides access to places not open to the public and speakers who are experts in their field. Each tour is offered twice.

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Chicago Studies Annual Journal

Each year, University of Chicago undergraduates conduct original research on various aspects of Chicago – politics, history, culture, etc. – and produce publishable work in upper-level classes and BA thesis colloquiums. Students now have the opportunity to submit their work for publication in “Chicago Studies: An Annual of Undergraduate Research on the Chicago

The “Chicago Studies” annual will showcase some of the best academic work about the Chicago region produced by undergraduate students at the University of Chicago. The Chicago region continues to be an academic
laboratory for the University of Chicago; this volume will continue a tradition that dates back to the University’s founding.

Eligible papers must:

  • deal with some aspect of the Chicago region;
  • contain original research;
  • have been completed by an University of Chicago undergraduate as a component of a class or degree requirement; and
  • be nominated by a faculty member.

Acceptable disciplines include, but are not limited to, anthropology, economics, English language & literature, geographical studies, history, political science, public policy studies, and sociology.

The first volume was released in Autumn 2008. See our feature article on the debut of the Chicago Studies Annual Journal for more information.

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