• Creating a space for collaboration, exchange, and critique among community-engaged researchers, including undergraduate student presenters, professional academics, and Chicago-area activists

About the Chicago Studies Undergraduate Research Workshop

Inaugurated in Spring 2015, the Chicago Studies Undergraduate Research Workshop series — modeled on the traditional UChicago graduate workshops and co-sponsored in 2016 with the undergraduate College — creates a vital space for collaboration, exchange, and critique between undergraduates whose research focuses on Chicago and other Chicago-focused researchers, including faculty, graduate students, University Staff, community partners and UChicago alumni.

During the Spring Quarter, undergraduate presenters are offered the opportunity to share ongoing community-engaged research (especially in-process or recently completed BA theses) as a gateway to conversations that cross the spaces of theory and the praxis of life in and study of Chicago. These sessions are open to all, fostering a vibrant, diverse community for dialogue, exchange, and critical inquiry.



This may be the title of your research project or BA thesis, but may reflect a narrower theme if you are choosing to present on only one aspect of your work.
Into which academic concentration(s) does your research best fall?
Please select all dates on which you are available to present. Chicago Studies will attempt to group related presentations in order to enrich the conversation between projects.
Please offer a brief (approximately 100-word) summary of the research you intend to present.