• Modules: Introductory Training
    for Civic Impact

Preparing UChicago students for positive impact in Chicago and beyond

Certificate Program participants prepare themselves for urban study and engagement by completing at least three (3) of the Office of Civic Engagement's (OCE's) new civic impact introductory training modules. New in 2017-2018, OCE has developed this series of introductory, not-for-credit training experiences to orient and prepare UChicago students for community engagement and positive impact in the city.

OCE is curating these opportunities across campus and throughout Chicago in partnership with a wide range of University and community-based partners and covering a diverse array of topics (see below). They are designed to be "modular," i.e. self-contained trainings that students can take individually or in any combination based on the competencies they wish to develop. Though content and form will vary depending on the training, all modules share certain common characteristics.

whether intensive (e.g. a 2-day mini-conference) or spread out across a term or even the year (e.g. attendance at five or more 2-hour sessions in a ten-seminar series within a single academic year)
accessible by any student interested in learning about or improving their competence in a specific mode of civic engagement with no prerequisites or prior experience necessary
intentionally introducing participants to topics, questions, and people that can inspire and shape further engagement, whether through formal or informal study and activism
offering students chances to meet and work with, not only other students, but also community residents, nonprofit or political leaders, and engaged faculty who can serve as research/project partners and mentors across the University and in the city
and partnerships, particularly within OCE and other externally-engaged offices/centers, so as to better align students’ future efforts with the University’s strategic priorities and existing commitments
and articulation of learning as part of the “completion” of the experience, including potential applications of the module’s content and identification of new resources gained, relationships built, etc.

Sample 2017-2018 Modules and Contributing Partners

Civic Journalism South Side Weekly

Community Organizing Chicago Freedom School

Education Neighborhood Schools Program

Environmental Activism Office of Sustainability

Political Activism Institute of Politics

Urban Research UChicago Urban

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The example trainings and partners above represent a few of the core modules that will be available beginning in 2017-2018. Other experiences (such as Seeds of Justice, Chicago Bound, and Emerging Minds Project) may also fulfill one or more module requirements -- discuss during your initial Certificate advising appointment.

Beginning in Fall 2017, students will be able to find the most up-to-date details on module registration, timing, and documentation in Blueprint, UChicago's web-based information system for student organizations and student life.