• Experiential learning pedagogy support, professional development opportunities, and micro-grant funding for instructors of undergraduate courses

About Course Connections

Through its Chicago Course Connections program, Chicago Studies provides pedagogical support, professional development, and micro-grant funding to course instructors who wish to enrich an undergraduate or mixed grad/undergrad class with experiential learning opportunities. Chicago Studies staff work individually with faculty and other course instructors to create meaningful Chicago-related experiences; to facilitate logistics, funding, and other practical arrangements necessary for these experiences; and to build critical reflection structures to maximize student learning from these experiences. Instructors can apply for micro-grants of up to $750 per class, per quarter to support Chicago Course Connections; grant funding can support field trips, honoraria for guest speakers, or other experiential learning projects.

Examples of Recent Connections

Professor Larisa Jašarević's "Magic Matters" class featured a shadow puppetry workshop with Sputnik Press artists — students created an original puppet performance exploring the presence and power of magic in the contemporary world.
In Professor Hillary Chute's course on "The Chicago Graphic Novel," the class took trips to documentary film screenings at the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Art Institute Chicago, The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art, and local bookstores specializing in graphic novels.
Lee Cabatingan took her "Law, Lawyers, and Courtroom" class on a tour of the Daley Center Courthouse, met with a judge, and had the class sit in on a trial.
  • "Working through ideas with objects rather than text provided a unique opportunity to understand the material in a more tangible way. To touch and feel and play with ideas that were previously just particles in our own minds."

    Student Participant
  • "A student at UChicago can easily get stuck staying in Hyde Park and it was nice to leave and explore and learn about Chicago through these funded field trips. Especially when they connected directly to discussions in class."

    Student Participant

Current Chicago Courses

Each quarter UChicago offers a number of Chicago-focused courses.
Below are the offerings for Fall 2014.

Urban Structure and Process

Professor: Forrest Stuart

Process & Policy in State & City Govt.

Professor: Clayton Harris

Documentary Production II

Professor: Judy Hoffman

Law and Urban Problems

Professor: Michael Schill

Urban Ethnography

Professor: Forrest Stuart

Labor and Capital in American Life

Professor: Thomas Dorrance

About Nature: From Science to Sense

Professor: Larisa Jasarevic

Immigrants of Color (Re)Making Race in the US

Professor: Marcelle Medford-Lee

Political Economy of Global Food

Professor: Susanne Wengle

What is Ecocriticism?

Professor: Brady Smith

Race in Contemporary American Society

Professor: Sharon Hicks-Bartlett

Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism

Professor: Derek Todd Matson

African American Cinema Since 1970

Professor: Jacqueline Stewart