For she is never the Chicago you saw
    When you passed through the last time."
    ― Mark Twain

Current and Upcoming Chicago-Focused Courses

Every quarter, instructors from around the University offer students the chance to learn more about the great metropolis in which it is located. Chicago Studies aims to highlight these courses and direct interested students to them. Students and instructors in these courses, both current and future, can add their classes to this listing by contacting Chris Skrable, UCSC Associate Director, via cskrable@uchicago.edu.

Students interested in a more immersive, interdisciplinary experience of studying Chicago should consider applying to the Study Chicago Quarter, offered annually in the Spring.

PBPL 2475 - The Business of Non-Profits: The Evolving Social Sector

Professor: C. Velasquez
Autumn, Winter, Spring 2016-2017

PBPL 28501 - Process and Policy in State and City Government

Professor: C. Harris
Autumn, Winter, Spring 2016-2017

SOSI 20233 - Race in Contemporary American Society

Professor: S. Hicks-Bartlett
Winter 2017

TAPS 21800 - Creating a Musical Revue

Professor: J. Nichols
Autumn 2017

TAPS 23600 - Improv and Sketch

Professor: S. Messing
Autumn 2016

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