Bike Lane Uprising

A Chicago Studies Data in Dialogue session with Christina Whitehouse

Join Chicago Studies for a Data in Dialogue Session with Christina Whitehouse, founder of Bike Lane Uprising, a cyclist-led civic tech platform focused on making cycling safer by making it easy to report bike lane obstructions, and finding trends in the data to hold violators accountable and prevent future obstructions.

While many miles of bike lanes exist in Chicago, they're often blocked by drivers that use them as free parking. By creating a central database of bike lane obstructions, Bike Lane Uprising highlights problem areas and trends in bike lane violations. They then work with local organizations, city departments, and companies directly in an effort to prevent future bike lane obstruction.

The Data in Dialogue series offers participants a "behind the scenes" look at a Chicago-relevant dataset, archive, or other resource for research about the city. As the work of Miranda Fricker and others have taught us, data are not neutral. Sessions in this series will open critical conversations with Chicagoans responsible for making decisions about data at all stages in its "life-cycle," from collection to curation to publication to representation.