The Blue City

A Chicago Futures Distinguished Lecture with Sabina Shaikh

What if Chicago leveraged its proximity to and stewardship of the Great Lakes Waterway system to build a thriving water-based economy, rich with innovation, technology, and scientific research? This future is possible...but only if we can recognize and confront significant challenges that face our region. Rainfall and storms continue to increase, causing damage through localized flooding, contamination, higher lake levels and erosion, and increased stress on our aging infrastructure. Safe, affordable drinking water may soon be a luxury in many Chicagoland communities. The city’s lakefront, which “by right belongs to the people,” is not (nor has ever been) accessible to many city residents.

“The Blue City” will explore the latest thinking about water innovation, technology, architecture, and urban design to imagine how our region’s connection to fresh water can attract residents and businesses through water, and retain them through an equitable quality of life.

Panelists and Resources: