Storytelling with Urban Data Visualizations

A Chicago Studies Data in Dialogue session with Nicholas Marchio

How do you create a visualization that tells a story clearly and efficiently? How do researchers avoid importing their biases as they frame and communicate their research? How do different presentations of data either inform or obfuscate our questions, and our conclusions? Nico Marchio, a data scientist from the Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation, explores real world problems facing Chicago and how data visualizations can help us uncover their solutions. The presentation introduces data visualization best practices and provide attendees with a "start to finish" recipe for creating their own publication quality maps and charts, including a data visualization toolbox, presentation tips, and much more.

The presentation was designed for attendees from all backgrounds and abilities, however some introductory knowledge of the R programming language is beneficial. Students interested in data science, data visualization (especially in the social sciences), R, and questions of possible research bias to review this session.

Session recorded live on Wednesday, 11/18, 12:30-1:30 PM CDT.  View the film on YouTube, above or at this URL.