Chicago Studies: An Anthology of Exceptional Undergraduate Research

Since 2008, the College has collected the most exceptional undergraduate research on the city of that year and published it as Chicago Studies.

Publication of one's BA thesis in the annual is a significant honor, and requires authors to continue to work with the Office of the Dean of the College and a professional copy editor well after graduation.  Each volume is thus reflective of tens of thousands of hours of effort, not only on the part of the authors themselves, but also from advisors, preceptors, research subjects and collaborators, editors, and the Deputy Dean of the College. Paper copies of Chicago Studies are available in the Library of Congress, at the Regenstein Library, and in other prestigious archives around the city; they are also available for review in the Office of the Dean of the College (Harper Library) and in Chicago Studies' offices (at 1155 E. 60th St., on the first floor).  We are pleased to make the most recent volumes available here in a digital format.

Of course, only a fraction of each year's student scholarship about the city can be made included in that year's volume.  For a fuller reflection of recent undergraduate research about Chicago (2018-present), browse the Chicago Studies collection in Knowledge@UChicago, UChicago Library's open access repository for data, documents, and more.

Recent volumes

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