Running along the lakeshore

Running Chicago

Hit the ground running (literally) while you're here in Chicago!  As a Great Lakes flood-plane city (and former swamp) located astride a near-invisible subcontinental divide with almost NO elevation changes, Chicago is a runner's dream.  We worked with UChicago Athletics to develop some short-to-mid-length running routes around campus, complete with historical information for sites you'll pass along the way.

Resources for Running in Chicago

Historic Running Routes

A partnership between Chicago Studies and the University of Chicago Athletics

Ellis Express

0.5-mile route from the Gerald Ratner Athletics Center to the at Burton Judson Courts

You Down with IOP?!

0.5-mile route from the Institute of Politics (IOP) to the Woodlawn Residential

Fountain of Time

0.5-mile route from the Joe and Rika Mansueto Library to the Fountain of Time Statue

"Robey" Run

0.5-mile route from the Frederick C. Robie House to Arley D. Cathey Dining

Florence Stout Route

1-mile route looping from the Reynolds Club

A-B-C (aka Abbott, Breckinridge & Crown)

1-mile route from the Henry Crown Field House to the School of Social Service Administration

Law Breaker

1-mile route from the Ratner Athletics Center to The Law School

Feel the Bern

1-mile route from Campus South Field to the Ratner Athletics Center (Home of the Bernard J. DelGiorno Fitness Center)

Creative Juices

1.5-mile route from the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts to the Museum of Science & Industry

Around the World

1.5-mile International House "Square"


2-mile route from the Ratner Athletics Center to the Jackson Park Golf Course

Shampoo Bottle

2-mile loop beginning at Ida Noyes Hall

Quads for Bods

A 2-mile "quadrilateral" from 55th to 61st Streets

Midway Monster

2.5 mile route from Washington Park to Jackson Park via the Midway Plaisance. 


5-mile Kenwood & Woodlawn loop through Washington Park

Harbor Run

5-mile loop through Jackson Park 

The Big Hurt

10-mile route from the Woodlawn Residential Commons to Sox-35th loop

Palmisano Park Half Marathon

13-mile route looping from Hyde Park through Washington Park, Palmisano Park, and the Burnham Wildlife Corridor.