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This summer the UCSC partnered with Redmoon Theater Company to offer community-based internships for undergraduate students in preparation for the inaugural Great Chicago Fire Festival. Filmed and produced by Civic Journalist Christine Schmidt.

Chicago Studies on Campus

Easy Listening: The Past, Present and Future of the Hyde Park Jazz Society
By: Christine Schmidt, Second-Year Student and Civic Journalist for Chicago Studies
Against the curtain of rainfall outside Café Logan, trumpeter Marquis HIll held his instrument at his side and bobbed his head to the beat of the piano solo...

Block 58 Student Voice Summit
By: Kiran Misra, First- Year Student and Civic Journalist for Chicago Studies
When the city of Chicago was selling land reserved for schools to commercial developers in the 1860s due to rising property values, one of the last blocks to go was Block 58 where State meets Madison...


Chicago Studies in the Community

The Calumet Quarter:  A Student’s Perspective
By: Lily Gordon, Third-Year Student and Civic Journalist for Chicago Studies
This quarter I decided to sign myself up for a different kind of academic experience. Some label it “un-UChicago,” in that the course load is grounded less in theory and more in practice - and that’s part of why the other students in the Calumet Quarter and I love it...