CHICAGO STUDIES engages the intellectual, creative, and civic energies of University of Chicago undergraduates in the life of the diverse communities that make up our world-class city. A partnership between The College (via the Program on the Global Environment) and the Office of Civic Engagement via University Community Service Center (UCSC), Chicago Studies incorporates a range of opportunities for members of the University community to encounter and learn with Chicagoans from all walks of life. In so doing, we facilitate the development of reciprocal, respectful collaborations between campus and city that empower students in the College both to deeper critical inquiry and also to more impactful responses to complex and systemic issues in Chicago, and by extension in cities around the world.

Students in The College can now pursue a Certificate in Chicago Studies as part of ANY academic program. Integrate your inquiry with positive impact in the city!

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What We Offer

  • Scholarship Support

    Resources, data, and opportunities for presentation and publication for Chicago-focused or community-engaged undergraduate research



  • Certificate Program

    NEW in Fall 2017, an interdisciplinary opportunity for College students to integrate curricular inquiry with co-curricular impact for transcript-level recognition
  • Faculty & Student Micro-Grants

    Funding and pedagogical support for instructors and students who want to meaningfully engage Chicago in their teaching and learning
  • Chicago-Focused Classes

    Chicago-focused classes across the curriculum, and quarter-long, multi-course "deep dives" into study and exploration of the city
  • Programming & Events

    Hands-on opportunities, cultural events, and neighborhood explorations that help members of the University community discover Chicago

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