• New in Fall 2017, the Chicago Studies Certificate Program offers a curricular and co-curricular pathway to support and recognize College students seeking to meaningfully integrate their academic inquiry with positive impact in Chicago.

EFFECTIVE 2017–2018, undergraduate students who wish to integrate their academic inquiry with positive impact in Chicago through sustained community engagement, urban scholarship, and creative expression, have the opportunity pursue a Certificate in Chicago Studies.

Students may enroll in the Certificate Program at any time during their College careers. This requires an initial (and highly preliminary) proposal for how one hopes to fulfill the requirements and an advising session to discuss the plan and resources available to support it. That mandatory advising is provided by the University Community Service Center, with a second required meeting before proposal of the capstone project. (See links below to enroll, to assess prior experiences that may fulfill requirements, or to schedule a one-on-one appointment to discuss the program in more detail.)

Students who complete the Certificate will have that designated on their transcript. The transcript designation and the Certificate itself are standalone recognitions, conferred by the College and the Office of Civic Engagement without reference to students’ formal degree programs. However, completion of the Chicago Studies Certificate does fulfill the internship/field study requirement of the Environmental and Urban Studies major.

Additional information about the Chicago Studies Certificate Program can be found in the 2017-2018 College Catalog under "Chicago Studies", or by clicking on the component icons above.

Important Certificate Program Links

Begin your Enrollment in the Program (includes an advising appointment).

Schedule an appointment to learn more (WITHOUT beginning enrollment).

Complete an inventory of your prior College experiences to see if you've already fulfilled some of the Certificate Program's requirements.

Make an email inquiry with a few specific questions.