Visualizing Environmental Change

A Climate and the City session with Alexander Arroyo and Grga Basic

Although Chicago and other communities confront climate change's impacts locally, the scale of the crisis is global. This presents challenges, both in understanding and explaining its causes and solutions. In Visualizing Environmental Change, the final event in our Climate and the City series and the second to deal with the communicative/representational dimensions of the crisis, we will explore the ways that shifting our scales of reference can open us to new responses to this planetary crisis. Our session will be presented by Alexander Arroyo and Grga Basic, both Senior Research Associates of the Urban Theory Lab, a research team that's recently moved to UChicago from Harvard University under the direction of Dr. Neil Brenner.

Climate and the City is a multi-week series of TED-style conversations focusing on how Chicago is responding locally to the global climate crisis, despite relentless climate anxiety and despair. We look forward to introducing you to local thinkers, activists, and policy-makers who go beyond offering grim forecasts and can help point us towards ideas that have the potential to make a difference, in Chicago and beyond. Recordings will be made available on the Chicago Studies website after each event.