Teaching Chicago - Resources for Instructors

Chicago Studies supports academically rich collaborations between students, faculty and external partners to leverage Chicago as an illuminating locus for study.  In so doing, we distinguish the College as a premiere space for place-based, interdisciplinary urban studies nationwide.

As part of the Office of Teaching and Research Innovations in the College Dean's Office, Chicago Studies serves as a resourcing platform and networking space for course instructors who are interested in teaching about and with the city.  We offer an interdisciplinary cross-listing to help students find Chicago classes, course- and undergraduate research-related grants, pedagogical consulting and support for course-based experiential learning, funding for para-curricular programming to complement course content, and help create opportunities for team teaching and multidisciplinary collaboration around Chicago themes. 

Services for Course Instructors

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Cross-list your class with CHST for visibility and extra experiential learning support


Request funding and logistical support for experiential learning in ANY College class

Pedagogy Support

Talk with us about an upcoming Chicago-focused assignment, theme, project, or class

Course Development

Work with us to develop new classes, course sequences, and quarters that focus on the city

Undergraduate Research

Refer students to us for extra support for their Chicago-focused research

Collaborative Programming

Collaborate with us on programs that build on your teaching and research