Humboldt Park

Urban Theater Company

Urban Theater Company is committed to elevating marginalized voices through storytelling

Initially founded in 2003, Urban Theater Company was first known as Teatro Urbano and was located in Wicker Park. However, the more official founding occurred two years later, when Madrid St. Angelo, Marilyn Camacho, Ivan Vega, Ramses Jimenez, Blas Ortiz, and Remy O’Brien re-established Teatro Urbano as Urban Theater Company (UTC). From that point onward, UTC performed numerous plays and participated in a variety of festivals. UTC continued to gain recognition, and in 2013 was permanently relocated to Humboldt Park on Division Street.

Urban Theater Company strives to highlight marginalized and multicultural voices. Incorporating this goal into their everyday operation, Urban Theater Company functions as an accessible Theater space that defies the typical eurocentric training. Storytelling is a powerful tool that is often wielded to enact social change. As such, it is crucial that there are theaters like UTC that promote storytelling from diverse perspectives. On top of providing an accessible space for creatives of color, UTC works to promote local businesses and restaurants in Humboldt Park. With Teatro Thursdays and Sundays, Urban Theater Company puts on an immersive show at the location of two iconic Humboldt Park restaurants: Nellie’s Restaurant and Papa’s Cache Sabroso. These shows aim to increase the community’s exposure to theater while supporting local eateries.

Urban Theater Company is involved in a variety of community events, so there are ways to engage with them on top of supporting their shows. Many have noted how effortlessly UTC blends theater with a keen awareness of social justice issues. For this reason, Urban theater company stands out as more than “another Chicago theater.” Make sure to visit UTC when you stop by Humboldt Park.

Check out UTC's website for more info.