Neighborhood Tours

Albany Park

Known to be one of the most linguistically diverse areas in Chicago, Albany Park is located on the city’s northwest side. This tour highlights a. favorite design as the unique local business, Chicago Kalbi Korean BBQ as the choice eatery (one of many in the neighborhood), Albany Park Theater Project for eye-opening entertainment, North River Commission for community advocacy, and River Park as the beautiful outdoor space.

To get to Albany Park from the University’s campus, take the Green Line towards Harlem/Lake and transfer to the Blue Line (towards O’Hare) at the Clark/Lake stop. Get off the Blue Line train at the Irving Park stop. From the Irving Park Blue Line Station, get on the 53 bus towards Peterson and get off at Pulaski & Lawrence.

This tour can be completed as a self-guided walking tour, or virtually from the comfort of your home.

1. Chicago Kalbi Korean BBQ

This Japanese BBQ spot attracts customers from all over the city

2. a. favorite design

Come visit this local spot for handcrafted artwork and designs

3. Albany Park Theater Project

Albany Park Theater Project creates transformative experiences and features inclusive narratives

4. The History of Albany Park

Learn more about the rich history of Chicago's most diverse neighborhood

5. River Park

One of Albany Park's prime natural spaces, River Park serves as an important community asset

6. North River Park Commission

Learn more about this multifaceted community organization