Neighborhood Tours


One of Chicago’s most historically rich neighborhoods, Bronzeville is located on the south side of Chicago. This tour highlights Bronzeville Winery as the up-and-coming local business, Yassa African Restaurant as the popular eatery, Carver 47 Food & Wellness Market as the perfect study spot, the South Side Community Art Center for Chicago-based artwork, the Black Metropolis National Heritage Area Commission for community organizing, and the Gwendolyn Brooks Memorial (technically in Kenwood) as the thoughtful outdoor space.

To get to Bronzeville from the University’s campus, take the Green Line towards Harlem/Lake and then get off the train at Indiana. This will take you to the northern boundaries of Bronzeville, close to a few of the tour’s featured locations.

This tour can be completed as a self-guided walking tour, or virtually from the comfort of your home.


The Black Metropolis National Heritage Area Commission wants to make Bronzeville a national destination

2. Gwendolyn Brooks Memorial

A bit farther east, this outdoor space celebrates the life and legacy of Gwendolyn Brooks

3. Carver 47 Food and Wellness Market

Driven by the idea that food is medicine as much as it is art, C47 offers a cafe experience like no other

4. Yassa African Restaurant

Stop by Yassa for fresh fare and authentic dishes

5. South Side Community Art Center

A celebration of community centered artwork

6. The History of Bronzeville

The rich and culturally significant history of Bronzeville is one for the books

7. Bronzeville Winery

The sister project of The Silver Room in Hyde Park