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Health & Safety in Chicago in Fall 2021

The University of Chicago is committed to maintaining the community’s distinctive academic and intellectual qualities and values, while working to protect the health of all its members and the city at large. This page is dedicated to providing health and safety resources to College students and course instructors for navigating Chicago in Fall 2021.

Helpful Links

Traveling in the City

Whether for learning or for fun, safely navigating the city of Chicago will be a crucial part of this fall. Below are resources to help you take transit, use rideshare, and get some fresh air on your bike safely.

Behavior in the City

Personal health and hygiene resources will help us provide a safe environment for our entire campus community. This, combined with best practices for behavior in public, will allow UChicago to ensure the safety of greater Chicago communities.

Best Practices

Safe behaviors in public to keep others safe from COVID-19

Eating & Shopping

Best practices for safely navigating restaurants and stores

At Cultural Institutions

Safety at cultural institutions, such as museums or parks

Personal Health & Hygiene

In order to protect our city and ourselves in the fall, each individual must recognize our individual and collective responsibility to follow COVID-19 guidelines. We are in a dynamic COVID-19 environment, so these measures are subject to changing regulations.

Personal Health

Washing Your Hands

Self Monitoring & Quarantine

What to Do If You Get Sick

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