Welcome to Chicago!

As you begin your UChicago journey, don't forget that your "top tier" college is situated in a world class city—Chicago! Although the constantly evolving circumstances of COVID-19 pose some obvious challenges (and require some thoughtful precautions) while exploring, that doesn't mean that you can't get to know the city we proudly call home.

The resources below offer brief introductions to things you'll need to know when learning to navigate Chicago. Below that, you'll find an evolving set of stories and links that take you deeper into the city's politics, institutions, communities, and more! Is there something you'd like Chicago Studies to explore for you? Share your idea with us!

As you begin...

Navigating Chicago

Whether you are a native Chicagoan or new to the city, learning about Chicago's sides, neighborhoods, grid, and iconic "L" will help you become a more aware explorer.

Explore More!

Whether you're a flag-wearing Chicago fan, an architecture fanatic, a history lover, or a political activist, Chicago has offerings for you!

Chicago's Flag

No matter where you go in Chicago, you'll see the Chicago flag.  Its symbols are actually a concise summary of Chicago's history and identity.

Building Communities

Chicago boasts thousands of community organizations.  Get to know a few with short video introductions, courtesy of the Obama Foundation.

Woodlawn Housing Exhibition

Take a crash course in Chicago housing with this digital exhibition about neighboring Woodlawn, built using Omeka by Chicago Studies intern Chloe Zheng.