Students learn about the Mexican mural tradition in the Pilsen neighborhood.

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Learn how Chicago Studies can support Chicago-based instruction and experiential learning with course and undergraduate research grants, pedagogy consulting, partnership support, and logistical assistance


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About Chicago Studies

Chicago Studies offers curricular and co-curricular opportunities to discover, study, engage with, and positively impact the diverse communities of our world-class city. Working with campus- and city-wide partners, we support the College community in encountering and learning with Chicagoans from all walks of life. In so doing, we facilitate the development of reciprocal, respectful collaborations between campus and city that empower students in the College to deeper critical inquiry and more impactful responses to complex and systemic issues in Chicago and in cities around the world.

Calumet Quarter 2020

"Connections and Disconnections in a Fragmented Landscape" now accepting applications from students in the College! And learn more about Chicago Studies Teaching Scholar Mark Bouman (Field Museum), part of this quarter's team.

Design Your Chicago

Design thinking is a creative problem-solving approach that can be applied to exploring your passions in Chicago, choosing your major, or building a more fulfilling life. Learn more about our offerings and sign up for a workshop here!

Sample Chicago-Focused Classes - Winter 2020

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Certificate in Chicago Studies

The College's interdisciplinary Certificate in Chicago Studies recognizes students’ meaningful integration of academic inquiry with positive, impactful engagement in Chicago during their College careers. The Certificate is available to students in any field of study; its requirements include completing three or more Chicago-focused classes (or a Chicago Studies Quarter), 200 or more hours of direct engagement in the city, and completion of an individually-designed capstone project. Students may focus their certificate on discipline-based, academic study of the city; pre-professional experience with one or more Chicago institutions; deep engagement with a particular Chicago community; or social change. 

Engage Chicago through Research

Let Chicago Studies support your Chicago-focused research project or BA Thesis! We can connect you with community partners and datasets from across the city, research mentors from across the University's divisions and academic centers, and mentorship for developing and executing collaborative or participatory engaged research projects. When your work is done, we can help you showcase it through our annual undergraduate research prize colloquium, our "Engage Chicago through Research" data repository, and the prestigious Chicago Studies Annual.

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